Replicating Global Practices

JCB India’s material handling range is a perfect combination of versatility, productivity and reliability.

Government’s significant focus on creating world class infra­str­u­cture in the country is playing a pivotal role in creating a demand for technologically advanced and specialised products. The need for timely completion of projects coupled with best-in-class output is primarily driving this demand in the Indian construction equipment sector. Among other specialised products such as wheeled loaders, excavators etc., one segment that has seen significant focus in the past couple of years is material handling.

Material handling segment refers to equipment that enables lifting, placing and handling of material at various heights in a safe and reliable manner. Making progress in the Indian infrastructure landscape, JCB India has introduced a world class range of material handling solutions in 2016 –telehandlers, skid steer loaders and super loaders.

This class leading range is revolutionizing the way material is being handled at Indian construction sites as it not only provides on-site safety, but are a perfect combination of versatility, productivity and reliability thus, offering complete peace of mind to the customers.

Introduced with the aim of replicating global best practices, JCB India’s material handling range is fast making inroads in various
sectors such as agriculture, industry, construction, material handling and maintenance.

JCB Telehandlers

JCB pioneered the concept of Telehandlers in India, also known as JCB Loadall. This machine has gained popularity in industries such as agricultural logistics, construction, and process industries. JCB India currently offers three variants of Loadall – the Made-in-India 530-70 (7m) and 530-110 (11m), and additionally offers 540-170(17m) for maximum high lift and reach applications which is imported from UK.

All JCB Telehandlers are fitted with a single boom auxiliary feature as standard which can power a wide range of attachments. Various control patterns are also available, depending on different applications.

Key Features 

Operator Comfort: The Loadall’s robust structure ensures maximum strength in high stress areas. It is better suited for heavy-duty bucket application. An air-conditioned cabin, clean air kit option for ventilation in dusty environments, and rolling over and falling over protection systems enhance operator comfort and safety.

Safety: With safety as its focus, JCB has introduced safety features such as ROPS / FOPS cabin, load moment indicator with alarm, hose burst check valves, stabilizers, and 4-wheeled drive for better traction in the telehandlers.

Service and Maintenance: Livelink, an advanced telematics technology fitted as standard in the telehandlers, helps customers in fleet and maintenance management. It provides information on the location of the machine, and also regarding the service, operations and security of the machine, on smart phones or mobile devices in real time, and gives out SMS alerts in 11 languages.

Versatility: The Loadall comes with a variety of attachments such as the general purpose shovel, heavy duty forks, bucket with grab, crane hook, grain bucket, power grab, man platform and drum handlers, all of which enable the machine to do a variety of jobs on site, thereby enhancing its overall utility.

JCB Skid Steers

In an industry where space and manoeuvrability comes at a premium, JCB’s skid steer loader fits the bill perfectly. Given its compact size and its unique zero turning radius feature, this versatile machine is designed to perform in restricted areas, effortlessly.

JCB presently offers two Made-in-India variants – the SSL 135 and the SSL 155. With an average of 60% better visibility, and with entry and exit from the left side of the machine, JCB Skid Steer Loader is the world’s safest. It comes with best in class fuel efficiency and is designed to give maximum return with lowest cost of application. It can save fuel worth Rs. 3 lacs in 3 years. The range of 25 attachments makes the JCB skid steer a one-stop-solution machine for any application.

This machine is designed to give maximum return with lowest cost of maintenance – comes with 1 year and 2000 hrs of warranty. It is overall 20% more productive and equipped with 7% higher lift height. Its unmatched structure and design helps machine perform in tougher applications as well. Its advanced fuel filtration system designed to work with poor quality fuel. It is a perfect example of unmatched strength, durability and performance.JCB Livelink, the advanced telematics technology is available as an option in this product category.

These machines are popular in applications such as urban rejuvenation, solid waste management, construction, logistics, and agriculture etc.

JCB Super Loader

The latest in the JCB’s material handling range is the 2DXL super loader. The machine is a perfect blend of value, versatility and performance. The machine is based on 2DX platform and comes with various fully customisable attachments like multiple buckets, bagasse dozer, pallet fork, and bale grabber.  Be it agro based logistics, construction sites or process industries, the two variants of super loaders with 3.1m and 4.0m dump height continue to make a positive difference in the way material is handled. JCB super loader is highly fuel efficient and is equipped with powerful water cooled diesel engine. It comes with water separator for longer fuel pump life.

JCB super loaders have made their mark in areas which require a loader with a high dump height such as pallet handling, coal handling, and dozer levelling etc. For incredible productivity, it is equipped with durable loader arm which is designed for higher lift capacity and lower cycle times.

The machine also offers the
best-in-class operator comfort along with the benefit of advanced
telematics technology, the JCBLivelink as an option.

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