At SDLG we always ensure higher uptime and lower costs.

SDLG has the best dealer network among manufacturers that offer value-for-money construction equipment.

Surat Mehta
Head of Business,
SDLG India.


Capitalizing the momentum gained in India SDLG will be launching a new wheel loader during bauma Conexpo India 2018 edition. “Beyond specific application needs, there are two things that we always seek to deliver in SDLG machines: reliability and cost-effectiveness,” says Surat Mehta, Head of Business, SDLG India.


How do you envision the changing dynamics of service industry in the CE space and how innovatively SDLG India has transformed itself to address the challenges? 

SDLG has the best dealer network among manufacturers that offer value-for-money construction equipment. For such a large country like India, the challenge for customers and contractors is to get quick access to reliable after-sales service support, which is why we are investing in the growth and development of our dealer network. Presently, we have 16 dealers around the country with 85 service support points. Our aim is to increase the number of touch points, so that customers have the option of one every 250 km.


A machine’s productive lifecycle is determined by the life of its major components. How do you ensure the same? Also elaborate on the Rebuild and Refurbishment services provided?

Components such as the engine, transmission, hydraulic pumps, and axles all play critical roles in determining the performance and reliability of a
machine. All SDLG dealers have service engineers whom we train to ensure these major components are maintained competently and proactively, ensuring higher uptime and lowering costs resulting from repairs. All such components can also be exchanged for remanufactured units at very attractive prices.


What are the major challenges in this, especially when a dispute arises?

SDLG has established a call centre to support speedy resolution of issues. Customers can escalate issues via a toll-free number or a mobile app. SDLG has also implemented an escalation mechanism internally to ensure speedy resolution of issues surfaced by customers.


Designing service products depends on customer-focused metrics such as machine uptime and concepts such as MTR (mean time response), MTTR (mean time to repair) and MTBF (mean time between two failures). How innovative are your strategies are in these areas?

All customer calls are recorded and monitored by an independent call centre. The call centre records the dealer’s response time at each stage of the process and analyses the dealer’s performance. SDLG support managers regularly review the MTTR, MTBF, customer satisfaction, and other related metrics, acting upon the data to implement corrective measures.

Independent agencies also randomly carry out customer satisfaction surveys to understand areas that we can
further improve.


To what extent has integration of data-driven technologies helped after-sales service support system to evolve?

The data that the call centre provides us allows us to understand network spread, parts availability, customer application, and skill level of our technicians. It has also helped us to improve response time. The proactive use of diagnostic tools to check on the health of machines has helped SDLG improve component life. For example, we have introduced air–pre-cleaners for our engines, thus improving the life of engine components.


What do you expect in the next stage of such innovations based on big data analytics in the service industry? Are you developing any new such solutions?

We pride SDLG machines on being reliable but also cost-effective. Customers who buy SDLG machines typically prefer using them for simple applications and, as such, we refrain from introducing overly complicated technology such as big data analytics.


What are the major after-market challenges you face in terms of quality and availability of skilled technicians / workforce and other areas?

The challenge is in finding skilled labour to maintain equipment. Retaining these talents is another challenge. To mitigate these challenges, we invest in in-house capabilities by thorough training programs that enhance the technical knowledge and capabilities of our technicians. We are also a part of the Infrastructure Equipment Skill Council (IESC), set up by the government under the Skill India initiative to support the development of skilled labour.


Your views on the bauma Conexpo India 2018? Please also throw some light on the new launches?

With the continuing growth of the Indian construction industry, newer machines that offer greater efficiency and productivity are in demand. SDLG will be introducing a new 5T wheel loader at bauma Conexpo India 2018. 5T wheel loaders are the biggest of the range that we offer in India, so this new model reflects our confidence in the demand for higher capacity wheel loaders.

We will also exhibit the 4T L946 wheel loader, which we launched in India last year at Excon. The L946 is the first of its kind for us in India. Before its introduction last year, we did not have a 4T loader in India. Its introduction fills what we believe was a gap in the market for customers who are looking for greater capacity than the popular 3T models but not as big as the 5T loaders that we already have.

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