Sany provides more user friendly telematics system with its machines.

Dheeraj Panda,
Director- Sales Marketing & Customer Support,
Sany India.


Sany telematics system continuously monitors the key operational parameters.

Sany telematics system continuously monitor the key operational parameters and provide timely intimation to the user automatically if anything goes wrong. Ultimately, this assures overall productivity of the operators while increasing the machine utilization, says Dheeraj Panda, Director- Sales Marketing & Customer Support Sany India Excerpts from the interview…


Could you spell out the vision of Sany Indiain imbibing and leveraging the advantages of digital platforms? 

Looking into the technological advancement in this industry, Sany has already taken steps to redefine the customer experience with its digital revolution through EVI App. It is an advanced mobile based app which will help the customers to manage their equipment status through IoT data like architecture. User can see the live location of the equipment without any hassle. EVI App has been developed by Sany aiming to create value added service which would help our customers to manage their business more efficiently. At the same time, EVI paves way for proactive product monitoring and support thus improving customer satisfaction and loyalty for Sany brand.


Could you give couple of examples from any of your product range where telematics have brought a transformational value to the end-user / industry?

Sany offers exciting new ways to keep better connected to the customers with its telematics system. Sany is the first manufacturer in India who offers telematics system as a standard feature with mini excavators. Since almost 80% of this segment customers are rental based, machine has to be shifted very frequently from one place to another. Telematics system provides real time update to the customers and he can easily plan and assign the machine to next nearby sites. It also better control of the machine to the customers as the system provides machine health alerts automatically if anything happens wrong.


What is the impact of big data analytics and telematics on the nature of repair and maintenance services?

Telematics system definitely is turning to be big data storage for the OEM as well as the end user in terms of machine utilization information. It notifies the customer as well as Sany dealer about the service requirements of the machine. It will increase machine efficiency and reduces unexpected machine breakdowns. The system reminds the customer when the service of their machine is due and helps to plan machine utilisation in a better way. Machine backup data helps to maintain the records of past services in an organised manner. Critical machine health alerts help the customer get timely updates and take proactive measures to prevent any kind of breakdown.


What is the impact of these technologies on safety of men and machines?

Sany Telematics system helps the customer to track their machines location ensuring better equipment security. Tracking system provides the exact location of the machinewith geo-coordinates on map provided on EVI app. Nearest service centres can be accessed through this app if there is any emergency and thus helps timely assistancefor enhanced machine uptime and safety.


What is the impact of the same on the cab and on the operators?

It gives a comfort of ‘always being in control’ to the operator while working on the machine. Sany telematics system continuously monitors the key operational parameters and provide timely intimation to the user automatically if anything goes wrong. Ultimately, this assures overall productivity of the operators while increasing the machine utilization.


What do you think the major challenges when it comes to adopting the digital platforms?

In today’s business world, digitalization represents a new avenue to provide customer-centric offerings that are designed, deployed and brought to market faster, at lower cost and available on demand. It is a road that leads to increased customer loyalty and greater profitability. Even though it will take time to fully achieve digitalization in this segment due to the end users acceptance level. Most of the customers still prefer minimum electronics in the machine with a perception that it will help local reparability of the machine.


How do you assess the data security issues?

Security concerns continue to grow within the satellite based operating systems. Also overall quality of internet connectivity strength is the most challenging factor for implementation of digitalization. Sany is first organisation in India in construction equipment industry to offer telematics system as a standard feature to the customers. All Sany customers were first to use the system and became the initiator of digitalization in this industry.


What is the customer expectation from big data analytics / telematics service from various end-user segments?

The basic requirements identified from the customers are machine tracking, service reminder, critical health alerts, M/C utilization report, fuel level monitoring, easy access to the nearest service centres, and easy access to a machine on site. As a differentiator Sany provides more user-friendly telematics system with its machines. All Sany related news, new launches, seasonal offers are also intimated time to time to the customers through Sany EVI App.


Are there any solutions offered in fluid analysis supported by digital platforms?

Fluid analysis though digital platform is not yet introduced in Indian market. It can be applied in the industry where machines are being used in well-organized manner in terms of machine maintenance. This has a huge scope in future whenever there is a demand for next level of digitalization.


How do you look at the future trends and how geared is Sany India?

There is no doubt in that digitalization is going to be the key formula for business success in future. It helps the customers to manage their fleet remotely while reducing the overall operating cost of the business and enhance profitability. Digitalization is getting mature in this segment. The outlook for the mining and earthmoving equipment industry is quite optimistic as there is a lot of opportunity for the industry in meeting the infrastructure demand for the sector. The momentum is likely to continue, and we will see the industry getting more and more competitive in terms of digitalization. As a prime mover in technology, Sany is well set to address the requirements of every segment customers.

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