Redefining the Construction Segment

Volvo Trucks sets a new standard in construction with the launch of many new exciting solutions with world class features.

‘Increase productivity and profitability’ has always been the vision; a highly successful model experimented and helped reap rich dividends in the mining sector by Volvo Trucks.  No wonder, the company dominates the premium segment heavy duty mining truck market with a share of over 70 per cent. With the entry of Volvo Trucks in the construction space, just a year ago, the company has succeeded in seeding not only the premium brand but also seeding the concept of higher productivity and profitability among a niche customer segment.  And there comes the new exciting range of solutions from Volvo Trucks for the construction segment.

“Several unique Volvo trucks features are already well-proven and are making a positive difference in construction projects today. In creating new, state-of-the-art technology for construction, our vision has always been simple. Increase productivity and profitability by making assignments faster and easier for drivers. In short the solutions are designed for the driver and optimized for the customer, states Vinod Aggarwal, Managing Director & CEO, VE Commercial Vehicles.  According to him construction solutions are available in Volvo FM and Volvo FMX platforms allowing customer to specify a high-performing, fuel-efficient truck
with capability. “The solutions are tailored to make the operation more productive, profitable and cost-efficient,” says Aggarwal.

With a booming infrastructure sector, the construction industry in India has seen rapid growth in verticals like road and highways, irrigation projects, hydel projects, stone, marble and granite quarries and more. To tap the best potential in this vast sea of opportunities, customers need trucks which can deliver the lowest cost per ton, carry more loads per trip and offer the highest productivity and uptime. It is here Volvo Trucks has chipped with the launch of exciting solutions thereby redefining the construction segment, as they have done it in the mining segment decades ago.

“The customers now are more conscious about the cost per ton and they care more about total cost of the ownership over its life-cycle. With increased investments into infrastructure projects, there are more opportunities for Volvo trucks in India as customers are willing to opt for highly productive and efficient transport solutions. That is important for us at Volvo Trucks; all our offerings emerge from the customers’ needs and end with their satisfaction with a focus on customers’ success,” says Aggarwal. He also added “The world is changing at an ever-faster pace. But the need for safety and efficiency will never change. The demand for transport will grow, certainly in new forms and under different conditions. We will have to take our innovative powers and safety philosophy to new levels.”

“With the launch of FM380 8×4 and the first of its kind FMX 460 8×4 19.5 cu m granite body, we are geared up to raise the current standards of productivity, efficiency and reliability in construction segment to support our customers in achieving higher operational efficiency and savings with timely delivery of projects,” states Dinakar B, Senior Vice President – Sales, Marketing & Aftermarket, Volvo Trucks India, VE Commercial Vehicles.  Dinakar adds, “What is most striking is the flow of innovations and the constant urge to go further and deliver ‘Customer Success’, push limits and break new ground. There is always expectation in the air, as to what more can be done; always curiosity about what challenge comes next. Looking at our journey, it also becomes very apparent that building trucks is an undertaking that grows in complexity over time – more commitments, considerations, responsibilities and requirements. Volvo Trucks is geared up for the challenges to come.”

Volvo FM 380 8X4 – Born to Work

It is the most efficient and flexible solution for unique demands of construction space.

The Volvo FM 380, aseptically and aerodynamically designed, is an exceedingly flexible truck. The product is ‘Born to Work’ – one that owns a Volvo FM appreciates the details that help him do a better job in everyday situations. The robustness of this design helps him get more work done with less delay.

The FM380 8X4 provide for particularly economical operation with its fuel-efficient l-Shift gearbox, the extended service lives of many components, low repair and maintenance costs and high body-mounting ability.

The FM 380 8×4 offers the largest capacity body in the segment delivering highest productivity , most powerful and technologically advanced engine and is the only model in its segment to have an Automated Manual Transmission- Volvo’s superior l-Shift technology- delivering higher fuel efficiency , lower maintenance and better driver comfort. Volvo FM cabin also comes with a host of safety and comfort features.

All in all, it is a friendly, safe and hard working truck.

Volvo FMX 460 8X4 – A true Mining & Construction Truck

The robust, dependable and high capacity tipper is a best-in-class solution when it comes to execute large construction projects in tough operating conditions. The superior engine technology and intelligent l-Shift transmission ensures high fuel efficiency and lowest cost per ton. A truck built for the toughest working conditions on earth. Swift, efficient transportation of large loads, without getting bogged down. And while the Volvo FMX is robust, it’s also been developed to make driving construction applications easier and safer.

Volvo FM 420 6X4 Tractor – for Large Capacity Applications

The big road and infrastructure projects require handling of large quantities of material over long distances in efficient manner. Each Volvo Tractor is built with enhanced features, strengthened chassis and a more powerful driveline configuration, to get the difficult job done quicker and easier. The large payload capacity can be attributed to the powerful Volvo engine, superior transmission and a weight optimized design.

Extreme work environment, the products need to handle extreme stress, contact with abrasive material and maximum payloads. In the construction business there is an extremely high demand for solutions that are efficient and deliver high productivity. There is a lot of pressure to increase the size of the project, by decreasing the time; hence efficiency and productivity play a very important role.

A Volvo construction truck is robust, durable and reinforced where it matters. It delivers power and strength for continuous action with heavy loads in the most demanding conditions.  With a Volvo Truck customers get industry-leading performance, cost-saving fuel efficiency and precision maneuvering to keep things moving quickly and safely. The company also offer professional onsite support and service planning to ensure maximum truck utilization.

“The new Volvo FM 380 8×4 is a construction truck that expresses toughness and robustness in a distinctively Volvo way. It has a character that looks right in a road construction, irrigation and quarries.  The all familiar Volvo elements are there; they have just been enhanced and improved to meet customers’ demands,” says Dinakar. He sums up, “Volvo Trucks is committed to be an integral part of the Construction business and provides customers with solutions that will accelerate the progress of their business. Volvo range of solutions delivers what the reality of construction transport requires – on  site, and on the road. On our journey called progress, we are set to be a part of the exciting growth opportunity.”

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