Paving the Way

Ammann has invested in localizing its popular 7m AFT 500 tracked asphalt paver.

Ammann offers a complete range of product line that includes the economy range as well as the premium class of products, especially with its pavers and compactors. This has helped the group to create a niche market and to position the company to compete with both segments of players in the market. “We are confident of delivering lower life cycle costs through our in-house manufacturing capabilities, and reliable after-sales service,” says Ankur Tiwari, Senior Manager, Sales & Marketing, Ammann India.

“We are witnessing a strong growth for these products on the back of India’s buoyant road construction industry.  Continuing government investments in roads and highways both direct as well as through the public-private partnership model make us optimistic about our future prospects,” says Tiwari.

With the aim of retaining its leadership status in a highly competitive environment and to give customers a price advantage, Ammann has invested in localizing its tandem roller ARX 91, soil compactor ARS 121 and its popular 7m AFT 500 tracked asphalt paver. “Localizing has given our customers a 20-30 per cent price advantage in buying products featuring the best Swiss technology,” adds Tiwari.

“While Indian customers are very value conscious and prefer economy products, technology adoption in the country is rapid with the government forming expert committees of eminent academicians and industry experts to recommend the latest road construction technologies that are apt for India,” he said.

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