Our range of mini excavators are designed to operate in niche applications.

Dheeraj Panda
Director- Sales Marketing & Customer Support,
Sany India.


Sany mini excavator has been designed with zero tail swing and independent boom swing.


Infrastructure and real estate are the major verticals driving the demand for mini excavators. “Sany India offers 4 models to address this market with superior features. Zero tail swing, boom swing and boom off-set are offered as a standard features,” states Dheeraj Panda, Director- Sales Marketing & Customer Support, Sany India. Excerpts from the interview…


What are the technology trends especially with regard to telematics in the compact excavator market?

Sany is first in industry in India offering telematics system with mini excavators as a standard feature. We call it as EVI Remote monitoring. EVI in Sany mini excavators are advanced and sophisticated system that helps the customers to remotely monitor their machine location and wide range of operating parameters of the machine. It is very user friendly in terms of accessibility in mobile as well as web.

Sany customized advanced load sensing hydraulic system with pilot controlled joysticks provides smooth operation and higher fuel efficiency. The machines work quicker, lift more, and outperform to meet the various jobsite requirements.

What are the trends in using various attachments with mini / compact excavators?

As far as domestic customers requirements, rock breaker and quick coupler are identified as a most demanding attachment in 3.5T class. However augur attachments is also used in some niche applications. Sany has already developed an option for rock breaker and quick coupler with SY35U mini excavator to address the customer requirement.

Sany mini excavators are having an option for auxiliary hydraulic lines with different pressure settings, which make fitting attachments like breakers, augers and other attachments very easy. This helps contractors to fit required attachments as per the applications with Sany mini excavator to enhance the machine adaptability, machine utilization and help to earn more profit for the customers.


Do you think the rising popularity of mini excavators may adversely impact the backhoe / skid steer market?

If we look at the market trend in terms of sales volume, all three segments are growing YOY. Mini excavators are designed to operate in niche applications where compactness and flexibility are the key requirements. All these three categories are entirely different in terms of addressing various customer requirements.

Even large construction projects have a lot of areas which are confined and narrow to reach like, basement refilling, basement cleaning etc. There are limitations in using backhoe and skid steer due to constraints in terms of manoeuvrability which also leads to safety concerns. Mini excavators can reach confined spaces and work efficiently due to their nimbleness in terms of manoeuvrability due to ZTS, independent boom swing and boom off-set feature. Hence for all specialised applications and compact areas, mini excavator will have an edge over skid steer and backhoe loader.

What makes a mini / compact excavator more useful or preferable?

Sany mini excavator has been designed with zero tail swing and independent boom swing which makes this machine more adaptable to the confined job sites; where other equipment’s cannot be used.

Real estate and infra projects involve digging work, backfilling, utility works and material movement during construction. Space constraint in sites poses a problem for easy movement of machines. Moreover, these projects are highly labour intensive and there is great pressure to meet project completion deadlines. However shortage of skilled manpower slows down the pace of work.

Also, conventional transportation challenge is not prevalent in mini excavators as it can be easily transported with small commercial vehicles and tractor trollies in some cases. Mini excavator address all these issues and proven in these kind of applications.


Brief us on the range offered by Sany India in mini / compact excavator?

While keeping the key customer requirements of this segment in mind, Sany India offers 4 models to address this market with superior features.

SY20C: It is a 1.85T compact short tailmachine powered by 13.8HP engine and retractable undercarriage design to work effectively in a narrow and congested job sites.

SY26U: It is a 2.75T compact machine powered by 19.6HP engine. Zero tail swing and independent boom swing features makes this machine highly adaptable in confined area.

SY35U: It is a 3.7T mini but mighty performance machine powered by 28HP engine to address enhanced requirements in this segment with higher fuel efficiency.

SY55U: It is a 5.2T mini excavator with one level ahead performance than any other models available in this segment. 42HP powerful engine with key features like, zero tail swing, longer work attachment and bigger size bucket really make this machine more adaptable where compact design with more output is required.


Could you elaborate on the unique features of your range of compact excavators?

Sany mini excavators are offered with advanced telematics system as a standard feature. This makes the user to utilize the machine more effectively. Zero tail swing, boom swing and boom off-set are offered as a standard features. Cabin and canopy options are available with SY26 model onwards to meet all terrain requirements in this segment.

Sany mini excavators come with proven branded world class components, which ensure higher reliability and provide peace of mind operation to the customers and scores more over competing models in terms of higher bucket digging and arm crowding forces for effective operation.


Could you throw some light on the rental scenario of compact excavators?

Rental market in India accounts for major demand for mini excavators mainly in southern part and this is going to be a moving trend in other part as well in near future. It has high potential as these machines are mainly used in agricultural applications and construction activities. With the increasing shortage of manual labour, dependency on machines will continue to rise which will help grow the mini excavator rental market in the future.


What is the financing market looks like, especially for mini / compact excavators?

Looking at the great potential of this segment, in terms of vast application usage and great earn-ability, financers are very positive to this class of customers. However, it also depends upon the profile of the customer and work in hand since majority of customers are of retail profile.

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