Our basic design is based on lowest operating and ownership cost.

Rajender Khoda,
Group Business ,
Development Advisor,
Puzzolana Machinery Fabricators.



We have been growing more than 50% on year to year basis primarily due to demand in road sector.
– Rajender Khoda, Group Business , Development Advisor, Puzzolana Machinery Fabricators


Puzzolana is a truly ‘Make in India’ organisation with multi-disciplined tasks like design, manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning on turnkey basis. With five decades of enviable history in delivering effective, economic and environmentally compatible engineering solutions to infrastructure challenges, especially in the crushers and screens segment. “We offer static crushers in the range from 100 to +500TPH for aggregate sector and upto 250TPH mobile crushing and screening plants,” says Rajender Khoda – Group Business Development Advisor, Puzzolana Machinery Fabricators.

What is the impact of the strong demand pull from the end-user segment on OEM like you?  How this has impacted design of your range of products?

Our basic design of equipment was based on lowest operating and ownership cost. This we could achieve having diesel electric system instead of diesel hydraulic system in mobile crushers and screens.

What are the breakthrough technologies in your latest range of crushers and screens with regard to better productivity and ease of operation in the Indian market?

Improvement is always an ongoing process and Puzzolana focus is to provide cost effective solutions to our customer. Introduction of new crushers of higher capacities, say up to 500TPH and beyond utilising single line operation for crushing and screening. One of the latest additions to our portfolio is PCC 33150 cone crusher for secondary application with 500tph capacity.

We have improvised on the metallurgy of wear parts produced in the in-house foundries to suit the specific quarry stone character to improve the life and reduce the cost/ton of production.

Is there a trend towards ‘green’ technology in the crushing and screening segment?

Yes! This is an ongoing process and our engineering team has been working on this technology.

Telematics and data driven technologies has brought a profound shift in the CE sector.  How do you assess its impact on the crushers and screen segment in India compared to global trends?

Telematics can help customers with multiple machines access real time m/c data from anywhere in the world. This is not particularly popular in India for crushers, however being used extensively in heavy earth moving machines.

As the fuel prices keep going up, what sort of ‘feature upgrades’ you have brought into your range of crushers to increase the fuel efficiency?

To address fuel prices increase issue we have added new range of jaw crushers for higher productivity utilizing the same drive motor. To meet the increasing demand for bigger secondary crushers of 500TPH we have added a new cone crusher into the range. Also the bigger machines will reduce the number of machines and accessories which in turn will reduce the cost of operation. In other words the overall cost/tonne of production will come down dramatically and also efficiency of the system will improve. Our mobile crushers and screens have option of using grid power. Where ever grid power is available, our machines can use same thereby saving on diesel

What do you think the major parameters a customer looks into while opting for a crushing plant?

The points to be considered while opting for a crushing and screening plant are as follows

  • Aggregate requirement for the project and the time scale for the production.
  • Production required per year and duration of quarrying lease it will decide type of plant – mobile, skid or stationary plant.
  • Number of stages of the plant depending on the end product requirement.
  • Feed size availability and production requirement will be decided on primary crusher size.

What is the growth potential for crushers and screens from the manufactured sand segment? Are there any specific range offered for the same? If so, please brief us?

A comprehensive answer for the growing demand of sand is Puzzolana Sander, which works on floating shaft principle. The main advantages of this Sander is that it works on gyratory motion similar to cone crusher and has a higher reduction ratio ensuring high productivity of sand at a low operating cost. Sander can be installed in any existing crushing plant as a standalone unit to produce sand. Sander eliminates the need of classification as the micro fines generated is within the permissible limits of IS 383 Zone II.

There has been renewed thrust in the road sector which has brought resurgence to the CE industry. How this growth trend has been reflecting in the sales performance?

We have been growing more than 50% on year to year basis primarily due to demand in road sector. We expect this growth to continue to meet road sector requirements.

How do you assess the growth potential for static and wheeled / tracked plants from various sectors such as realty, rail corridors and irrigation projects?

We expect growth in all crushers to continue which basically depends on the capacity / life / location of quarries. Since roads are being built in all around the country which includes urban/ rural/hilly etc. So we expect growth for all.

Tell us the current demand-supply scenario for the mid and high capacity range crushers and expected CAGR?

Aggregate sector is the main driver for the growth and we expect CAGR in this sector to be +25% while mining maybe around 10%. We have enough capacities in India hence all demands should be met within the country.

Brief us on the range offered and why should a customer opt for Puzzolana crushers / screens?

We offer static crushers in the range from 100 to +500TPH for aggregate sector and upto 250TPH mobile crushing and screening plants. As explained earlier our products have proven over the years lowest in owning and operating cost to end customer. This primarily is achieved by product price, product reliability and product support.

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