Manitowoc Hosts Open House Event

Several hundred guests including Potain customers and dealers toured the new Potain factory and reviewed the lean production process improvements at the event.

The new Potain factory in Chakan has been rolling out MCT 85 and MC 125 tower cranes with greater efficiency than ever before, since starting production in the first quarter of 2018. On November 21, several hundred guests including Potain customers and dealers got the opportunity to witness that efficiency first hand at an open house in the factory’s new location.

David Semple, Manitowoc’s Vice President for Middle East and India, said the event gave the company a great opportunity to highlight its progress under The Manitowoc Way. “We are serious about doing things in line with The Manitowoc Way; our customer-driven culture led by innovation and velocity,” he said. “The relocation of our Potain factory to Chakan, is in keeping with that. The factory occupies a reduced land area but features new equipment and lean processes that ensure the MCT 85 and MC 125 are produced more efficiently and with even greater quality than before.”

With a reduced production area of 9,760 m2, the facility layout is designed around ensuring efficiency. The different parts of the production line are now more closely located to each other. Most notably, this has resulted in decreasing the time for the transport of materials from the assembly area to the finished goods yard by 68%.

But time savings are not limited to onsite operations. Although still in the Pune area, the new factory sits in the city’s industrial belt of Chakan, some 45 km from the old location. Being situated in Chakan offers better connectivity to national highways, speeding customer deliveries within India. In addition, the new facility is closer to Mumbai, where Potain cranes are shipped to export markets.

Manitowoc is keeping up intensive training for its factory workers to ensure it produces the finest tower cranes. Prashant Suryawanshi, Managing Director, Potain India, said improvements at the factory mean even higher quality Potain cranes can be built faster for customers.

“A lean philosophy is key to improving efficiency, profitability and value for our stakeholders. The improvements we see at this factory translate into faster delivery times and enhanced quality for our tower cranes. Our employees can feel proud to work at this new factory. Opening the plant in Chakan is an important step in maintaining Potain’s longstanding reputation as a market leader in India.”

The Potain MCT 85 and MC 125 that are built at the factory are popular units in India and neighboring markets. The MCT 85 can lift a maximum of 5T or 1.1T at its jib end of 52 m. It is a practical unit designed for easier transportation, with its entire top portion able to travel on just two trucks. Assembly is easier too as most of the pre-assembly work happens at the factory before the crane is delivered to the customer.

The MC 125 has a maximum capacity of 6T and a maximum jib length of 60 m. It can lift 1.15T at its maximum jib end. The MC 125 is designed for urban and industrial works and is unmatched in versatility and agility. It has low maintenance costs while delivering high performance.

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