GS Caltex Unveils New Products at Bauma

With the new launches in premium engine oils, hydraulic and gear oil category,
GS Caltex will be able to offer significant value to its premium customers.

GS Caltex launched new products developed by GSC R&D team that has developed many award winning lubricants with support from Indian technology team members.  The new range was unveiled by Rajesh Nagar, Managing Director, GS Caltex India, and Ungsok Yang, Coordinator GS Caltex, South Korea graced the occasion. “Research and Development is the core strength of GS Caltex in developing product competitiveness for lubricants and polymers. With significant growth in construction and mining segments   GS Caltex is bullish on the growth prospects,” said Nagar.

The company showcased its R&D capability and stressed the strength of Kixx Lubo  base oils and its technology advantages.  “GS Caltex Group II/III base oil has excellent low temperature properties and exceptionally bright white clear transparent qualities. The Group II/III base oil produced by GS Caltex is environment-friendly with low volatility, reducing oil consumption and improving fuel economy. And GS Caltex offers high thermal and oxidation stability to support drain interval extension. All these advantages are the result from the latest cutting edge hydro-cracking technology,” said Jayanta Ray, GM (Industrial and OEM), GS Caltex India.


  • Kixx HDX CK-4 15W-40 hi-performance heavy duty engine oil
  • HExtra long life Hi Performance

                ydraulic Kixx HVL range

  • Hi-Performance fully synthetic
  • Gear Oil: KixxGearSyn GL-5 75W-90
  • Kixx HVL long life hydraulic oil

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