Graded Up

XCMG introduced motor graders with a width sufficient to grade the road fast and smooth.

With the focus of new government on swift execution of infrastructure development primarily led by road projects, builders and contractors are under pressure to expedite the construction activities. To fulfill this demand the project owners will have to focus on technologically superior products which offer a higher productivity while still maintaining higher operator comfort, easy serviceability and low operating cost.

Compared to the developed market, the application of a motor grader is limited in India. The primary reason is the demand for a rapid construction which has kept a void. The new policy and commitment towards completing the projects by the government on-time has boosted the entire range of machineries used in road construction. The road construction segment dominates the Indian market even this year with average deliveries between 30-45days. The mining segment is likely to pick-up during the second half year.

Maximum Productivity

As per Indian roads for national and state highways, the width of the single lane is approximately 3.5 m. For this width, XCMG introduced motor graders with a width sufficient to grade the road fast and smooth. The turning radius provided by XCMG motor grader is also smaller than most of the competitors in the market which provides single cut turning on 2 lane roads. Blade cutting angle from 54 to 90 degrees provide clean grading.

Maintenance free transmission system with easy electro hydraulic shifting provide smooth shifting of the gears without any shift jerk provide smooth operation even if the gear needs to be changed while in operation. With 6 forward and 3 reverse speeds on the transmission, the operator can match the working condition easily. Torque converter in the transmission provides great torque even at high gears which also provide better efficiency to the machine. All these features provide best in the market productivity.             

Optimum Fuel Efficiency

Cummins BS III engine with double fuel filtration system and turbocharger provides best fuel efficiency even at high load. The BS III emission control saves environment from the pollution and also the engine is low noise. Also with torque converter and electro hydraulic transmission system the machine works efficiently with putting less load on the engine which increases the fuel efficiency of the engine.

Superior Operator Comfort

The deluxe closed cab with air conditioning system in all models provides comfort to the operator in dusty condition. Spacious cabin with front and back lights ensures great visibility at night operation. Anti-slip platform and steps provide safety to the operator even on rainy conditions. The adjustable steering and knobs along with adjustable seat provide easy and relaxed control to the operator even on long time operation. Anti – break skid system provides easy and safe operation along with easy visibility to front and rear attachments due to all glass cabin. Top AC vents provide better cooling to the complete area of the cabin. Imported instruments and joystick provide good information to the operator and ease of operation also. Sealed cabin is provided to decrease the sound level to the operator to 77dB. XCMG focuses on providing best safety and comfort to the operator so that best efficiency of the machine can be achieved.

Structural Stability

The box-welded, high strength, not deformed structure is provided to withstand the tough working conditions. Patented design of XCMG for limited slip mechanism which saves mold board from sudden jerks during blade movement is provided in all machines. Slewing gear which is always exposed to environmental and working condition is made of high quality steel which improves its wear life. Rear engine hood is completely opened using hydraulic cylinders which provide fully opened space for maintenance work.

Remote Tracking

With an option comes the GPS enabled system and a monitoring package which has a user friendly logistic management tool.


Adopting hydraulically mechanical driving, which is proved to utilize fully the engine power to enlarge the driving torque in such way that makes sure the machine has big traction force. Meanwhile, adopting infinitely variable speed, ensures protection of transmission gear and the engine. 6 speed forward and 3 speed reverse speed provides operator vast range from selection of gears during operation.

The electro hydraulic shifting of the gears helps smooth shifting of gears even during working operation. The electro hydraulic shifting of the gears is easy to operate without any load.  The digital information regarding the gear no is provided on gear panel avoids wrong gear selection option. With gear up and down options provided using buttons the operation becomes easy.

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