Gomaco pavers fitted with self-diagnostic computers give mm accuracy.

V. G. Sakthikumar,
Managing Director,
Schwing Stetter India.

Currently we offer Gomaco, USA Slipform pavers capable of paving from 1m to 16 m with automatic dowel bar inserter and texture curing machine.

Schwing Stetter has ensured that the best technology should be introduced in India and accordingly tied up with Gomaco Corporation who is the worldwide leader in concrete paving technology. “Indian customers are very receptive to the latest technology and understand the value of mechanisation for good quality roads,” states V.G. Sakthikumar, Managing Director, Schwing Stetter India. Excerpts from the interview…


What is the demand-supply scenario for concrete paver?

With more and more road building projects being planned and executed in India, all contractors are looking for faster methods for project completion. During FY 2017-18, concrete pavers demand increased by around 55%. Schwing Stetter India sells and services Gomaco, USA pavers in the whole of India except the state of Telangana.


What is the range of solutions (pavers) offered by Gomaco in India through Schwing Stetter India?

Schwing Stetter India offer concrete pavers in slip form version which is the latest state of the art technology manufactured by Gomaco, USA. Two important models GP 2400 and GP 2600 are being offered in India which can cater to all national and state highway construction requirements.

Enlighten us on the latest trends in Gomaco pavers?

Gomaco, USA brought their zero-turn capable pavers for maneuverability to Bauma 2019 in Munich, Germany. Contractors around the world face the same job-site challenges, from short runs, tight radii and corners in parking lots, to a multitude of obstacles to pave around. Gomaco’s Xtreme curb and gutter machines handle these challenges and can also slipform a 24 inch (610 mm) radius or less.

Schwing Stetter India offers the Commander IIIx and 3300 feature Tier 4 engines and optimized cooling packages with G+ controlling the hydraulic fan. G+ quiet technology makes these some of the quietest pavers on the market today while adapting the paver’s cooling needs to job-site conditions. It makes for a quiet and efficient paver operation. Improved fuel efficiency is another advantage with a power-optimized engine and load-sensed hydraulic circuits. The Commander IIIx has a pivoting operator’s console that allows the operator hands-on control and a clear view no matter which application is being slipformed or what the direction of travel.

Schwing Stetter India offers Gomaco’s 3300 designed for European-style paving with its right-side and left-side pour capabilities. The 3300 has a symmetrical design, a U-shaped operator’s platform and the control console easily slides from side-to-side to accommodate the direction of the pour. These are multi-application machines for slipforming curb and gutter, safety barrier, sidewalk, slotted drain, flat slabs, and more.

Completing Gomaco’s Bauma 2019 display was the curb cadet, the highly mobile and compact curb machine. Schwing Stetter India offers the curb cadet slipforms concrete curb or extrudes asphalt curb from either side of the machine. It is self-propelled and manually steered with the handle containing the controls. The curb cadet is a two-track curb machine, with the option for three tracks.


What has been the impact of the increasing use digital platforms on the paver market?

Schwing Stetter India offers Gomaco pavers which are fitted with self-diagnostic computers to give mm accuracy and to reduce human error, they are also capable to adapt to various paving systems with stringline, 3D methods. Our machines are fitted with patented stainless steel to give a smooth finish to paved slab. They are also fitted with patented slump edge control to give 90-degree edge and are supplied with hydraulic vibrators which can be individually operated to various frequencies. For one such example, the features in Gomaco concrete paver GT3600 are as below.

One of the Fastest Tracking Speeds in the Industry: The two-speed track system provides fast job-site mobility. The travel speed on the GT-3600 three-track machine is up to 125 feet per minute (38 mpm). The low speed provides the smooth crawl necessary for slipforming concrete. Another feature that makes this machine so versatile is All-Track Positioning (ATP) and All-Track Steering (ATS). Veteran concrete contractors who depend on their machines will testify to the advantages of ATP and ATS, such as getting around and avoiding obstacles, reducing setup time, ease in mounting molds, loading and unloading for transportation. The crab steer feature makes it quick and easy to put the GT-3600 on line.

There are a lot of things you can do with an all-track positioning, all-track steer machine that would be difficult or impossible to do without it. A Gomaco machine with all-track steering is able to slipform a true radius because all of the tracks can turn as the paver maneuvers through the radius. All-track positioning gives your machine the ability to position all of the legs, based on requirements, to adapt to various applications.


What are the features in-built to enhance operator performance?

Gomaco’s G+ control system has an entire library of sensor capabilities for controlling slope, grade and steer with set-up configurations for any project requirement. This includes paving with 3D guidance systems. It is as simple as connecting with G+ Connect to the G+ control system and it recognizes the 3D system and communicates with them. 3D machine guidance eliminates the human error that can be involved with setting a physical stringline. 3D works from a digital model with a virtual stringline, which is a constant that cannot be physically changed.

Along with the time savings, 3D machine guidance increases job-site flexibility and improves jobsite logistics, such as not having to work around or be limited by stringline; no restrictions in getting concrete trucks in and out of the site; easier to pave in tight-clearance conditions because extra room for stringline is not needed; and the contractor has the ability to pave anywhere on the project at any time.


What are the major selection criteria an end-user will be looking to while opting for Gomaco pavers?

Gomaco has designed a new dowel bar inserter to attach to the GP-2400 to create a complete paving system. Gomaco’s dowel bar insertion technology has always featured industry leading technology with the most accurate bar placement and consistent concrete consolidation around the bar. The GP-2400 with DBI (dowel bar inserter) can slipform widths upto 5.5 m and features modular segments that can be inserted or removed for width changes. The Gomaco DBI provides the ultimate finish after bar insertion. The process includes a tamper bar, unique oscillating straight edge paving pan that together finishes and seals the marked concrete after insertion. Power for the DBI has been integrated into the GP-2400’s diesel engine, eliminating the need for an auxiliary power unit.


Could you tell us about the Gomaco G+® control system?

The bar insertion process is managed by the exclusive Gomaco G+® control system. The new Xtreme three-track Commander IIIx and two Gomaco 3300s with the exclusive Gomaco G+ control system feature rotary-sensored slew drives on the tracks, sensored leg positioning, and independent travel circuits to each track to allow tight radius slipforming.

Intelligent all-track positioning is accomplished with smart hydraulic cylinders on the three legs which allow G+ to know the position of the tracks at all times. The cylinders are also used for telescoping the mold mounting system for intelligent offset and repeatable mold offset.

The operator-friendly G+® control screen presents the DBI information in full colour, commands are presented in full text, and it is easy to operate in multiple languages. The G+ also offers troubleshooting capabilities along with many exclusive feature.


What are the other advantages of Gomaco IDBI?

The Gomaco IDBI has over 26 advantages in the four key areas of frame design, control system, DBI / mold design and vibration system. Gomaco IDBI can be shifted from one site to others in 4 hours’ time in comparison to competition which takes 4 days. It results into faster completion of job with maximum availability. Gomaco concrete paver GP 2600 has high performance, low maintenance, track drive system provides a travel range from a smooth uninterrupted minimum to maximum travel speed.

The vibrators and the tamper bar are hydraulically powered, have an automatic on/off control switch and are activated with machine movement. The vibrator positioning is hydraulically controlled for ease in start-up and finish.

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