Apart from new entrants in the compaction segment, most of the major players in the compaction equipment segment have launched new models in soil and asphalt compactors or have upgraded the models with advanced features.

The highly demanding situation in the construction industry has increased the need for precise, transparent and verifiable results of the compaction process. The terms for bidding and tendering in road construction are getting stricter, as are the standards for quality results. Several key trends are emerging in the asphalt / soil compaction market with the development of the latest generation machines. Performance and productivity remain key issues for compactor manufacturers, with firms keen to maximise output from their latest units. EQUIPMENT TIMES takes a peek at the product and technology trends in compactors.

Roads and highways sector has been one of the key drivers for growth for the infrastructure sector in India. India needs roads, both in rural and urban areas to progress. Government also realises the importance of world class road network and thus, has given significant focus to the sector by way of announcing substantial budget outlay in successive national budgets.  Investments that have been earmarked for this sector present a great opportunity for the OEMs. Many of them have launched new model in soil and asphalt compactors or have upgraded the models with advanced features.

For example, Volvo India has recently launched double drum compactors which feature independent dual-frequency and multi-amplitude functionality which makes them more versatile. “The rotating console plus the in-built automatic reversing of eccentrics means productivity is increased and the completion time is shortened. In addition, the powerful KOEL 105 HP engine delivers stronger performance and the robust design of the machine means it will work harder for longer time and giving owners a better return on their investment. The DD100 B features a rolling width of 1676 mm, vibration frequency of 42/31 hz and operating weight with heavy duty sun shade of 10,025 kg,” says Dimitrov Krishnan, vice president and head of Volvo CE India.

“Compactors  with  improved  reliability and  fuel  efficiency  play  an important role  in  buying  behaviour. In addition to performance and productivity, customers are also increasingly aware about operator safety, operating and maintenance cost. New  technologies  like intelligent compaction, HCQ system  for Hamm compactors, 3 point articulation, edge  cutting  option,  some  of the add on  features;  the new trends in our range,” states P Ramesh, Managing Director and CEO, Wirtgen India.

JCB India has upgraded its well known model, the JCB 116 soil compactor. According to Jasmeet Singh, Head – Corporate Communications and External Relations, JCB India, it is a first in the industry to have Intelli-Compaction integrated with Livelink. “Intelli-compaction provides relative compaction value, which helps in achieving consistent and uniform compaction throughout the patch. The digital display shows high/ low frequency and amplitude values for compaction control,” says Singh.

“CASE compactors are leader in compaction segment in India, offering unmatched reliability, high centrifugal forces, all round visibility along with excellent operator comfort. The recently launched CASE 1110EX-D with HVAC Cabin, featuring a new FPT Industrial S8000 engine delivers 110 HP at 2300 rpm and torque of 430 Nm at 1400 rpm. This machine is fit for mining application and is available in two variants – Drum Drive and Pad Foot Drum, equipped with ROPS/FOPS HVAC cabin catering to operator’s comfort and safety,” says Ajay Aneja,Brand Leader, CASE India.  


Product Galore

Volvo India: Volvo range of asphalt compactors includes the PT220 and DD90B. In the soil compaction category, Volvo offers the SD110BA single-drum compactor.

Volvo CE’s double drum compactors feature independent multi-frequency and multi-amplitude functionality which makes them more versatile. The Volvo DD90B combines high centrifugal force, heavy drum weight and variable amplitude to produce the energy necessary for excellent compaction. With the choice of dual amplitudes and frequencies, the 9T double drum asphalt compactor delivers a smooth, finished mat in fewer passes for optimum productivity and profitability.

The Volvo DD90B is powered by an engine which adheres to the country’s Bharat Stage-III (CEV) emissions regulations. This compactor is engineered to deliver the compaction performance necessary to accommodate the heavy volumes of traffic that the sub-continent’s roads often carry. Using extensive knowledge and experience, Volvo CE built the model to ensure that compaction rates and pavement final density are suitable for a variety of operational circumstances, delivering high quality output.



The SD110B is optimized to deliver dual amplitude and centrifugal force – matching the drum’s performance to any application. The choice of high or low amplitude is easily selected, giving the operator the flexibility to adjust the drum’s dynamic force depending on the application. The combination of high force and heavy weight facilitates excellent compaction to ensure material target density is achieved in fewer passes. “Moreover, our machines offer the Intelligent Compaction system as an option which is fitted directly to the roller. It consists of three central components: the sensor (accelerometer), the processor and the display instrument. In simple terms, the sensor registers the vibratory movements of the roller drum and information about this is then transferred to the processor for analysis. The information that is analysed is presented on the display as a digital value,” says Krishnan.

Krishnan adds, “The compaction meter provides a relative measurement of the rigidity of a surface. The measurement increases in line with increases in compaction and is reflected in a rising Compaction Meter Value (CMV). The accelerometer continuously measures the compaction forces that occur as the vibratory drum works on the surface. The signals from this accelerometer change as the surface becomes harder and more stable. These signals are then converted to values that can be relayed to the operator.”

Wirtgen India

In India Wirtgen offers the Hamm 311 soil compactor, HD 99 Asphalt compactor, GRW 15 rubber wheeled roller ,3520 pad foot compactor and also the mini tandem roller HD 12VV. The Wirtgen Group Hamm compactors come with more than 125 years of experience in the development and manufacture of roller and compactors for soil and asphalt compaction. HAMM, the German manufacturer leading the field in compaction technology, is a member of the internationally successful Wirtgen Group and a global leader in the market of road rollers.



Based on the successful HD series from HAMM, the HD 99 tandem roller has been developed for the premium segment in India. The articulated double vibration roller has an operating weight of 9T and is a powerful all-rounder for road construction. With a drum width of 1.68 m, the roller is ideal for urban projects, as well as compaction on motorways, airports and other large surfaces.

Drivers enjoy outstanding visibility of the construction site from the operator’s platform of the HD 99. The seat can be turned 45° in both directions, and the open design of the frame provides a clear view of the drums, sprinkler system and drum edges. The roof comes as standard and protects drivers from sun and rain. Another notable aspect is the operation of the roller: it is self-explanatory, exceptionally straightforward and immediately comprehensible, without requiring any language skills. The powerful lighting system completes the high-quality overall picture.

The HD 99 is powered by a robust, water-cooled 4-cylinder engine in accordance with CEV BS III, with an optional diesel pre-filter. The engine can be operated safely even at high outside temperatures thanks to efficient oil and water cooling. Throughout, it is fuel-efficient and low-noise. Moreover, with high-capacity tanks for fuel and water, the HD 99 boasts particularly high productivity. This keeps refuelling stops to a minimum.


HAMM 311

With an operating weight of 11T and a 2.14 m wide vibration drum, the 311 compactor brings high compaction force and a large static linear load of up to 30 kg/cm to the construction site. This enables the machine to perform a wide range of tasks with ease. It goes without saying that the compactor complies with Indian laws and regulations in every detail, from the engine and the lighting system all the way to the specific dimensions.

The environmentally friendly engine is in accordance with CBV BS III and is remarkably quiet and economical. For maintenance and service tasks, the engine compartment is easily accessible under an attractively designed engine hood made of GRP – a major advantage in comparison to frequently heavy engine hoods. At the same time, the relevant maintenance points for regular check-ups are all within easy reach.

To take account of the often extremely high temperatures in India, the engine of the compactor has been specially designed to facilitate operation at up to 55°C. Here, the air is conducted in such a way as to prevent warm exhaust air from heating up the operator’s platform. The vibration compactor is available in three versions: the standard 311 version with a powerful rear-axle drive, the 311D version with an additionally powered drum, and the 311P version with a padfoot drum. In the version with a powered drum, the compactor can easily climb slopes of up to 53%.

Like the tandem roller, the compactor is exceptionally easy to operate. At all times, the modern display informs the driver about the status and condition of the machine. From the uncluttered platform, which is equipped with a protective roof as standard, the driver always has a clear view of the construction site and all important points of the compactor.

3-point articulation:  Like the 311 compactor, which is manufactured in Pune, the HD 99 comes with 3-point articulation. In both machines, this ensures even weight distribution and exceptional directional stability, enormous stability in curves as well as great resistance to tipping. All of these factors have a positive influence on compaction results. The HD 99, for instance, produces very smooth asphalt surfaces without deformation. In earthworks, the 3-point articulation enables the 311 compactor to achieve excellent manoeuvring and compacting even in rough terrain.

Options Galore: “Naturally, in a market as large as India, the range of customer specifications is broad and diverse. That is why HAMM offers numerous field-tested extras for its 311 compactor and HD 99 tandem roller, allowing everyone to equip the machines to suit their individual needs. Options include the edge pressing and cutting equipment for the tandem roller, or the working lights for the compactor. A number of measuring systems are available as well, such as the HAMM Compaction Meter, which can be used on both machines to monitor compaction quality even while the work is being carried out. An additional option for the tandem rollers is the HAMM Temperature Meter. Via an infrared sensor, it measures the asphalt temperature in front of the roller and displays it on the dashboard,”
says Ramesh.


JCB India

JCB India offers a finest range of road compaction equipment with three world class products – the VMT330 (a 3T mini tandem roller), the VMT 860eco (a 9T tandem roller) and the latest JCB116 (an 11T soil compactor).

The JCB116 soil compactor, a new world class machine from JCB India comes with JCB Diesel Max engine, providing fuel savings of upto 6%. It is also equipped with proven German vibration technology and is designed to give more compaction per litre. It guarantees desired compaction density in a minimum number of passes.

JCB India is the first manufacturer in the industry to offer an in-built compaction meter in its range of compactors. Designed and developed in India, the compaction meter ensures uniform compaction as the operator exactly knows where to stop and the number of passes that are required to achieve the desired density. This leads to uniform compaction density and savings in fuel as well as time. Salient advantages of the in-built compaction meter: –

Number of passes can be minimized

Over compaction can be avoided

Jump operation can be prevented

In order to make compaction operation as efficient as possible, the JCB Compatronic  systems can be fitted to JCB116 as an option. There are three systems available, ranging from basic to high-end; whichever the customer opts for. The accelerator sensor mounted next to the drum will measure the reaction from the ground and provide feedback about the rebound to the corresponding system.

The JCB116 soil compactor also offers the best in class operator environment with ergonomically designed steering wheel. The cab platform is mounted on 4 viscous mounts, to isolate it from any vibrations and to make the operator feel comfortable even during high amplitude passes.

The VMT330 mini tandem roller is designed keeping in view the ever increasing demand for compact rollers from the contractors. This roller is best suited for applications such as highway road shoulders, retaining the walls of flyovers, for the compaction of road shoulders, footpaths, trenches, service roads, industrial and residential columns and rural roads. This is a versatile roller as it can be used for both Earth and Asphalt compaction.

The VMT860eco tandem roller is equipped with the latest ‘Q’ built hydraulics from Germany. This compactor has an auto dust removal system and provides unmatched operator comfort which ultimately increases efficiency and maximises productivity. The VMT860eco offers greater visibility for ease of operation and is equipped with an automatic water sprinkler system which minimizes the effort.

All the JCB compactors offer lifetime lubricated centre joints and also offer grease-free bearings. This saves the costs of lubrication and also reduces the possibility of failures due to any negligence in greasing the joints.



“Comfort and safety of an operator is of paramount importance as it not only ensures safe operations at the construction site, but also increases efficiency of the operator.  JCB has taken special cognizance of this requirement and invested heavily in designing machines which offer the best-in-class operator environment. The latest compactor from JCB India, the JCB116 has been designed keeping operator comfort in mind,” says Singh. He adds In our range of world class compactors, vibrations and heat levels are kept lowest to provide a comfortable work environment. Moreover, operator friendly and ergonomically located controls with joystick help in easy machine operation.

The in-built compaction meter is placed ergonomically for operator comfort thereby, helping in achieving the desired output

The steering wheel and console are designed to ensure fatigue free operation

The cab platform is mounted on 4 viscous mounts, to isolate it from any vibrations and to make the operator feel comfortable even during high amplitude passes

Similarly, VMT330 mini tandem roller comes with optional ROPS, large steps on the chassis for easy access to the seat, and provision to lock the bonnet.

In the VMT860eco tandem roller, JCB India offers two rotating operator seats, tiltable steering, hydraulic based anti-vibration pads, ergonomically located controls with joystick, rotating seats – up to 450 from both sides, tool box near the operator seat, and high visibility- front and rear glass.

CASE India

CASE India offers 1107EX and 1110 EX in its soil compactor range. 1107EX soil compactor comes with a new FPT Industrial S8000 engine that delivers 100 HP at 2200 rpm. The hydrostatic variable speed control ensures the CASE 1107EX travels at the perfect speed for every type of soil, resulting in a uniform compaction.

“CASE India, has come up with Compaction meter technology in compactor range aiming for easier and before time job completion.The ‘intelligent’ inbuilt technology in compactors is the Compaction meter which is equipped with on-screen operator to check amplitude, frequency and ICV (intelligence compaction value) related to density of soil compacted. This ICV value will be different for difference surface. Once desired density is achieved, there will be green signal on screen so that operator can stop compaction and avoid over compaction. Hence there will be saving of fuel, time and can avoid damage of surface,” says Aneja.

The turbo after cooled engine with internal exhaust gas recirculation ensures best-in-class fuel economy. The more than 2 million S8000 engines at work across the world are testament to the reliability of this proven power plant. The maximum applied force in the range of 34 tonnes is among the best in the industry. The hydrostatic variable speed control ensures the CASE 1107EX travels at the perfect speed for every type of soil, resulting in a uniform compaction. This high productivity comes with high reliability and excellent serviceability. Currently we have three model 1107EX, 1107EX-D (drum drive version) and 1107EX-PD ( Pad foot version ) available with us.

The 1107EX soil compactor ensures powerful, fuel-efficient performance. This high productivity comes with high reliability and serviceability. The compactors are available with advanced feature such as:

Excellent fuel efficiency: CASE 1107EX is equipped with fuel-efficient FPT S8000 engine. The turbo after cooled engine with internal Exhaust Gas Recirculation ensures best-in-class fuel economy.

High Productivity and Reliability – Total applied force is most important factor for any soil compactor. CASE 1107EX is having maximum applied force in the range of 34 tonnes is among the best in the industry. 32mm drum shell thickness which is among best in its class provides better reliability and higher front axle load, hence high productivity.

Enhanced operator comfort and safety– thanks to completely re-designed operator compartment, 90⁰-clock wise seat rotation for excellent rear visibility and wide steps along with robust handles improved operator comfort and safety significantly. Foldable canopy added as extra feature to increase safety while transportation on trucks.

Easy Serviceability – Daily and regular maintenance is easily possible from ground level, thanks to single piece engine hood. Reduced downtime and operating cost results in more productivity and profitability.

CASE India engineers are constantly developing clever innovations to make equipment more fuel efficient for reducing emissions on the environment. The company has successfully lowered the sound levels in all the construction equipment. This enhances operator comfort, which in turn increases productivity and keeps the pollution under control.

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