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Equipment Times – Inspiring Innovation
There are huge levels of disruption virtually in all industries. Digitization has changed the rules of the game once forever. Advances in technology combined with increased globalization have tremendously impacted even the structure of modern business. The message is crystal clear – INNOVATION is the key. Yes, in the construction equipment industry, the spirit of innovation has permeated every aspect of product development processes, production; marketing, and even soft solutions and back up support.

Stimulated by technological advances not only in the construction equipment sector, but also in other related industries, and primarily driven by market forces, the inter-industry flow of innovations highlights a catalytic role the construction equipment industry bound to play. And there are the original equipment manufacturers, component manufacturers and suppliers – continuously and closely monitoring the needs of the customer; and investing considerable time, money and resources to bring innovation in technology, products and services. It is here EQUIPMENT TIMES chips in, catalyzing the very spirit
of innovation, sponging the very trends that mould the CE industry and triggering the momentum through innovative coverage.

Readership Profile
Equipment Manufacturers – 21%
Contractors & Sub Contractors – 17%
Civil & Structural Engineers – 05%
Construction/Infrastructure Companies – 16%
Technical and Maintenance Heads – 04%
Dealers & Suppliers – 09%
Procurement & Purchase Heads – 04%
Process Industries/Service Providers – 03%
Bureaucrats & Related Ministries – 03%
Manufacturers of Components, Attachments & Spare Parts – 15%
Rental & Leasing Companies – 03%

Circulation Break up (Zone Wise)

North – 32%
East – 10%
West – 30%
South – 25%

Designation wise Break Up:

Managing Director/CEO/Chairman President – 24%
Marketing Head/General Manager Director – 27%
Owners/Partners – 10%
Managers – 15%
Executive – 09%
Purchase Heads/Project Manager – 10%
Others – 05%